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100 Article submissions                               $6.99 100

Expected time needed for project completion: 2 days

Your article with your link in your signature; submitted to 100 working article directories with screenshots of the manual work done. This is a great starter package and suitable for users who tend to submit multiple articles.


200 Article submissions                             $13.99 200

Expected time needed for project completion: 5 days

200 backlinks from different article directories, most common rate of submissions made by in-house SEOs; hence this is the natural amount of submissions which would help your website and article get traffice and link love.


300 Article submissions                             $19.99 300

Expected time needed for project completion: 10 days

500 backlinks from quality article powershouses. Very good package to improve your search engine ranking and also ranking of your articles. This package is good for website owners with a competition of 1 million or less.


400 Article submissions                             $25.99 400

Expected time needed for project completion: 15 days

This package include 600 manual article submissions and a repeat submission to 400 top PageRank directories. 1k article submissions, we do all the work from submission to confirmation. Package good for competition upto 2 million.


500 Article submissions                             $33.99 500

Expected time needed for project completion: 20 days

This package include 250 individual article submissions of 2 articles written by you. A great way to increase PageRank and rankings in SERPS. Package good for competitions upto 3 million.


1000 Article submissions                           $66.99 1000

Expected time needed for project completion: 25 days

This package include 250 individual article submission of 4 articles written by you. Yet again one of the best packages around with submission of 4 articles in 600 directories equalling to 2400 backlinks and 2400 places from where your article can be picked on. Good for competitions upto 4 million.


1500 Article submissions                           $99.99 1500

Expected time needed for project completion: 30 days

This package include 250 individual article submission of 6 articles written by you. True PR links in the quantity of 3000s, this can easily boost your PR0 website to a PR2+ in 1 update. Another awesome package recommended for sites with competition upto 5 million.

2000 Article submissions                         $134.99 2000

Expected time needed for project completion: 45 days

This package include 250 individual article submission of 8 articles written by you. This is our 'Top of the line' link package we have for you, this can alone shoot your PR by 2 points and rankings within top 10. Recommended for competition more than 6 million.

Stimulus package                                        $99.99 159

Expected time needed for project completion: 10 days

> 1000 Directory submissions

   1000 manual submissions to high PR web directories- Worth $66.99

> 500 Article submissions

   500 manual article submissions to high PR article directories - Worth $64.99

> 450 Social Bookmarks
   450 manual social bookmarks - Worth $64.99


How it works


The procedure to order our service is very simple and explained in maximum detail below

Choose the best package from above which is applicable and cost effective to your SEO campaign.

Enter details of your site which any directory might need which will be feeded throughout the submission process. For e.g: Title/Link Text, URL, Email, Name, Category and as much information you can provide us so we can cater you more effectively.

Preview your details and confirm your purchase using any major credit card to enable progress on your order.

Receive reports after the due date and review. Submissions complete.

Factual reality: Big or small, time to time all internet businessmen & women have been plagued by timestaking submissions which are needed to be done at any cost; self labour or outsource. spacer

Service Benefits


Article submission and the links out of it is half of the link love you get, the best part starts when your content is picked up as 'great content' and published on various websites around the world.

An article in 1 directory can be picked by upto 10 sites if the article is written properly and read worthy.

All search engines support and love links from articles due to various reasons; some of which are;
1st. Article links are true contextual based links also widely known as inlinks, 2nd. This gives a great flavor to your SEO campaign, hence diversify and distinguish your SEO from others.

We recommend to use our various services to cash in those countless hours & effort, spend less and stay ahead the game; Always.